The Learning Garden has the opportunity to make $400 by raising $600. Help us make this goal!

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    GROW Local South Texas is participating in a SeedMoney fundraising challenge. SeedMoney is a 501c3 non profit that has chosen The Learning Garden for one of the many grants they give each year and you can help give the garden a boost. The incentive is to be one of the first 50 gardens to reach $600 in donations will receive an extra $400.

    The easiest way to help us meet our goal is to follow this link and donate whatever you can. The campaign will run from November 15th, 2017 until December 15th, 2017 so even after you donate please use the “share” button on the Seed Money site to help us spread the word.

    The Learning Garden is Grow Local South Texas’ “Community Teaching Garden” located at Tom Graham Park in Corpus Christi, Texas. The garden was started in 2013 when Grow Local South Texas adopted a park set to be decommissioned by the city. This empty park has grown into a thriving fruit/vegetable/herb garden, a community gathering place and a heavily used educational area. A portion of the produce grown at the garden is sold at The Downtown Farmers’ Market to help fund the garden and the other portion is given to local garden volunteers and educational participants, used in cooking demos or educational presentations, or given to the local community. We have recently started a Thursday morning neighborhood distribution system for extra vegetables. We are still working out the kinks of how to best run this system week by week, but so far we are receiving great neighborhood feedback! The garden is located in a part of the city classified as low food access.

    Instruction at the garden takes place 4 days a week and is open to all ages to learn sustainable urban gardening, ask questions, volunteer time, or just have fun at the garden! Once a month there is a large educational & community service day (our All Hands on Deck days) which have an educational theme and garner a lot of community volunteer hours. We host a free after-school program on Thursdays teaching children gardening and cooking/nutrition. We host summer or day camp programs focusing on the same. We have a Monarch pollinator garden to create a habitat for Monarch butterflies and promote pollinator & native plant knowledge. We often host educational events at the garden which include topics such as composting, building raised beds, beneficial insects, creating hugelbultur beds, vermicomposting, solar cooking and more. We also host an annual neighborhood garden party with food, music, games and education to bring the community together and show the spirit and love we have for our urban gardening neighborhood!

    We currently have a small collection of fruit trees and raised beds on the Up River Rd. side of our garden that we call our food forest. The food here is available for the community to collect or care for at any time of the day, all days of the week. It is also a favorite gardening spot for our after-school program. The trees provide food as well as other vital functions for the thriving garden: they feed our birds and allow nesting places, they flower and attract our pollinators, they give shade, and they clean our air. We would like to expand the number and variety of food trees in our food forest. This budget is for adding new trees to this food forest as well as some of the supplies needed for upkeep and soil maintenance of the food forest area (watering, adding sand to our clay soil, etc). Improving our food forest will improve the garden as a whole and help with our neighborhoods beautification and community spirit.