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    GROW Local South Texas is the only non-profit in South Texas dedicated to GROWing our Local Food System under the direction of our four foundational principles:

    • GROW
    • ACCESS

    Every July we hold our annual membership drive. If you are not a member, click here to become a member today (or learn more).

    The local food movement is only getting started and your membership is the easiest way to help GROW our infant Local Food System.

    Why Join?

    South Texas’ Local Food System is the system of local food GROWers, customers, distributors and access points (Farmers’ Markets, restaurants and groceries) required to create:

    –A healthier place to live
    –Healthier food to eat
    –More locations to purchase local food
    –The education program required to raise awareness of the value and power of local food
    –A food-based economy where dollars spent on food stay in The Coastal Bend
    –And so much more

    GROW Local South Texas works tirelessly to create and enrich our Local Food System with purposeful events, educational programs and the gathering together of a supportive community.

    Already a Member?

    • Renew your annual membership during the drive. We will add 12 months to your current membership end date.
    • Invite your friends and family to become Members. Let them know why you value GROW Local South Texas in our community and how real change in South Texas comes from the bottom up. With the community’s support in numbers, we will make the change we want to see.
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    Our ‘Changing South Texas’ Campaign
    During our 2017 Membership Drive we will post two photos a day on our Facebook Page in our ‘Changing South Texas’ Campaign. Here are the photos posted so far with the abridged captions:

    Our 2017 Membership Drive kicks off today and lasts the entire month of July. JOIN if:

    • You love what we’re doing
    • You shop at a local farmers’ market
    • You wish local food was sold in area groceries and restaurants
    • You wish a community garden existed within a walk from your front door
    • You want to keep local dollars within our city
    • You want to change South Texas’ health climate.

    Starting at $10, there’s an affordable option for you to make a real difference in our local food system.

    Our Local Food System is important to you. Become a member of the only organization in town whose mission is to GROW it:

    More local food
    More places to buy it
    More people GROWing it
    More money staying in our local economy.

    • South Texas’ type 2 diabetes rate is double the national average.
    • 4 in 10 residents are clinically obese.
    • “…more than 50% of South Texans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise, defined as 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, and 77% do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.”

    Education, beginning with our youth, is key to solving these issues. GROW Local South Texas is leading the way with youth-oriented after-school programs, summer camps and in-school consultation.

    The Learning Garden is our community, teaching garden, the only of its kind in South Texas. A food producing, outdoor classroom host to open hours 4 days a week, monthly education workshops, after school programs, field trips and living local summer camps.Community gardens make neighborhoods (and cities) better places to live, raise surrounding property values and give a community a safe, outdoor space to get exercise and sunshine. 

    At The Learning Garden, we never use chemical pesticides or herbicides. One thing we do to control aphids and certain beetles is regularly release ladybugs into The Garden.

    We teach this and other organic methods in order to change the way South Texas thinks about GROWing food in our area. Clean food. That’s one of our goals. Find it every week at The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers’ Market.

    Grandma ALWAYS had a garden. She traded her tomatoes for her neighbor’s peas. She saved seeds and knew the seasons. She canned and preserved. She remembered the days before supermarkets offered modified, inferior produce from all over the world.

    She exhibited a self-sufficiency that we, as a country, have moved away from.

    GROW Local South Texas remembers these traditions and is creating a local food system by getting South Texas back to the basics.

    GROW Local South Texas first piece of food system ADVOCACY was lobbying the Corpus Christi Health District to drop a new egg permit fee on Farmers’ Market egg vendors from an arbitrary $250/year to a more manageable $50/year….back in 2012.

    Since then, The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers’ Market has gone from 1 egg vendor to 5 egg vendors.

    Our annual BAWKtoberfest 2017: Corpus Christi Urban Chicken Coop Tour EDUCATEs and encourages you, your friends and neighbors to grow their own backyard eggs. (They’re the best neighbors to have, too)

    Know where your eggs come from and how the chickens are fed and raised. Get to know your farmer. They’ll answer anything.

    The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers’ Market always has two food trucks encouraged to use as much local food as possible. Many use local food on their menus all the time.

    Food trucks help make our Farmers’ Market become the community celebration that it is, provide ACCESS to local food and demonstrate our support for start-up, local food-based businesses.

    If you believe in a GROWing local food system, become a member of GROW Local South Texas today.


    GROW Nuts are a little quirky. And we’re not afraid to show it.

    Only creative solutions will GROW our local food system. That’s why GROW Local South Texas is a safe community that celebrates quirk…we celebrate your creative spirit.

    Our community hungers for it.

    Our work is boiled down to a single phrase: “Healthy Choices.” For decades South Texas has pared down it’s local food system relying more and more on groceries and less and less on self-sufficient food growing.

    From teaching people how to GROW food to providing more and more places to purchase it, we’re GROWing the entire food system…one healthy choice at a time.