Pumpkins on the vine

    Photo credit: Joel Trevino

    Written by Katie Sisk

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, stress-eating is at its highest, but so is stress-cooking. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year or you are one of the lucky ones who is just attending, “What am I going to cook?” and “How will I cook this in time?” are two of the major questions. But, no worries, we are going to answer both of these questions as well as answer one that should be on everyone’s mind this season: How do I use local, seasonal produce at my Thanksgiving-day celebration this year?



    Texas grapefruit and rosemary

    photo credit: Joel Trevino


    First, what is in season? Well Texas Fall has a lot of options. Peppers, radishes, turnips, cabbage, carrots, and green onions are all high on the list. So are sweet potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and squash. Also, let’s not forget about citrus: oranges and grapefruit can spruce up any meal, and who doesn’t like orange pound cake and lemon bars? Not to mention, orange zest is a key ingredient to cranberry sauce!




    So, toss a quick salad with fresh radishes and seasonal greens this year. Also, roasting freshly harvested brussels sprouts for family, complete with local honey and cinnamon, is always a great hit. Alternatively, enjoy a classic of the season with local green beans for everyone’s favorite casserole. Or, instead of canned fruit, cut up a honey-dew or make a refreshing cucumber salad. All this produce can be found locally (and the recipes can be made in no time), so be sure to check out our Downtown Farmers’ Market and see what you can bring from the garden to your table this Thanksgiving.